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Amigo Projects takes pride in being a leading highway consultancy firm in Nagpur, offering comprehensive services in transportation and traffic engineering. With a commitment to excellence, we provide integrated solutions for the planning, development, maintenance, and operation of infrastructure assets. Our expertise extends to road, rail, and feeder systems, catering to the diverse needs of transportation authorities, planning agencies, and private developers.

Our Highway/Traffic Engineering Services in Nagpur

Integrated Asset Life Cycle Approach At Amigo Projects, we adopt an integrated approach to the asset life cycle, focusing on optimization, increased capacity, and the empowerment of existing assets. Our services encompass road and rail for through movement, as well as various feeder systems for intra-modal transfer. We collaborate with clients to enhance infrastructure assets, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.


Detailed Engineering Expertise

• Comprehensive Design

We prioritize detailed design engineering to achieve high-quality, cost-effective, and timely project execution. Our accomplished industry specialists leverage a multidisciplinary skills base, backed by a decade-long track record of successful engagements.

• Full Definition of Project Development

Detailed engineering studies create a comprehensive definition of every aspect of project development. This includes studies performed before construction starts, covering construction, civil works, instrumentation, control systems, electrical facilities, supplier management, activity schedules, costs, equipment procurement, economic evaluation, and environmental impacts.

• Tender Stage Design & Drawing

Our services include the preparation of design and drawing documentation for tender stages, ensuring clarity and adherence to project requirements.

• Cost Estimation

We provide accurate cost estimation, offering transparency and helping clients make informed decisions throughout the project life cycle.

• Good for Construction Drawing

Our detailed design includes drawings of all structural components, facilitating smooth construction processes.

• Regulatory Approval Support

We guide clients through the approval process, obtaining necessary approvals from competent authorities.

• Technical Support During Execution

Amigo Projects remains committed to providing ongoing technical support during project execution, ensuring successful project completion.

Intelligent Transport Management Software Services

In addition to our highway and traffic engineering services, Amigo Projects offers state-of-the-art Intelligent Transport Management Software services in Nagpur. Our solutions empower transportation authorities with smart technologies for efficient traffic management, real-time monitoring, and data-driven decision-making.

Why Choose Amigo Projects?

• Expertise

With a decade of experience, Amigo Projects is a trusted name in highway consultancy and transportation engineering.

• Innovation

We embrace advanced technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions for intelligent transport management.

• Comprehensive Services

From detailed engineering to intelligent transport software, we offer end-to-end solutions for your transportation projects.

• Client-Centric Approach

Amigo Projects prioritizes client collaboration, ensuring project success and satisfaction.

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