Architectural Consultancy Services in Nagpur

Amigo Projects stands as a beacon of excellence in architectural planning and design, offering unparalleled Architectural Consultancy Company in Nagpur. Whether you are envisioning a hospital, a commercial space, or any architectural project, our team provides high-quality services tailored to your unique requirements.


Comprehensive Architectural Planning and Design

RAmigo Projects excels in Architectural Floor Plan Drawings and Project Drawings, setting the standard for Architectural Drafting Services. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the delivery of the best 2D Drafting Services, including floor plans, elevation drawings, floor framing plans, roof framing plans, and foundation plans. We strictly adhere to the standards specified by our clients, specializing in Architects Cad Drawings and 2D Drafting projects.

Hospital Architectural Consultancy Services in Nagpur

For healthcare infrastructure, Amigo Projects is your trusted partner in delivering specialized Hospital Architectural Consultancy Services in Nagpur. Our expertise extends to creating architectural solutions that prioritize functionality, efficiency, and a healing environment, meeting the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Commercial Architectural Consultancy in Nagpur

When it comes to commercial spaces, Amigo Projects offers tailored Commercial Architectural Company in Nagpur. Whether it is offices, retail spaces, or mixed-use developments, our team is dedicated to designing spaces that enhance productivity, customer experience, and overall business success.

Architectural Planning and Design Phases

• Schematic Design (Phase 1)

The initial phase involves conceptualizing ideas, sketching plans, and creating the overall vision for the project.

• Design Development (Phase 2)

Building upon the schematic design, this phase refines the concepts, incorporating detailed design elements, and establishing the project's visual identity.

• Construction Documents (Phase 3)

The detailed plans and specifications necessary for construction are developed in this phase, ensuring clarity and precision in the execution of the design.

• Bidding (Phase 4)

This phase involves soliciting bids from contractors based on the construction documents, facilitating the selection of the right team for the project.

• Construction Administration (Phase 5)

The final phase oversees the implementation of the design during construction, ensuring that the vision is translated into reality seamlessly.

Why Choose Amigo Projects?

• Expertise in Diverse Projects

Amigo Projects has a proven track record in diverse architectural projects, including hospitals and commercial spaces.

• Quality 2D Drafting Services

Our Architectural Drafting Services adhere to the highest standards, providing detailed and accurate drawings for your projects.

• Customized Solutions

Whether it is healthcare or commercial, our consultancy services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.

• Phased Approach to Design

We guide you through each phase of architectural planning and design, ensuring a well-executed and successful project.

Contact us today to discuss how our expertise can bring your architectural vision to life.